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Help with English and Maths for adults and children

Welcome to A J Tutoring. I am Ann Finch and with my teaching experience and empathetic approach, you can acquire new literacy and numeracy skills or help your child to catch up with their education and gain confidence in their classes. I carry out Maths and English tuition in Monmouthshire and I want your learning experience to be individual to you, so that you can enjoy the classes and to help you learn and remember the skills you gain. 

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Icon representing additional tuition needsEach lesson is tailored to you

An individual and bespoke learning experience, spanning from early years to university level and beyond. Each student will receive an initial consultation to assess your needs and requirements and to ascertain a baseline level and a programme of study. These will be specific to the student and will be prepared in a professional format and delivered using the strategies and considerations, tailored to your needs.



From early years to university and beyond

I provide Maths, History, Geography and English tuition in Monmouthshire for students aged 6 to 12 years and this can be delivered at home or online. I also deliver English tuition to university students who may require additional language support and for adults who wish to enter the job market and require Maths and English tuition.

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Hospital tutoring

As part of my work I provide hospital tutoring for both short and long term patients between the ages of 6 and 12, helping to deliver one-to-one support for pupils with long term absences. With my empathetic approach, I find my tutoring is also ideal for young people returning to education after a long absence.

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 Why AJ Tutoring?

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  • English tuition in Monmouthshire to a wide range of students
  • Tailored learning plans to meet the needs of the student / client
  • I can travel to you, within 50 miles of Newport
  • Online tuition available, enabling me to cater to international students
  • Special needs experience and knowledge
  • 26 years of experienced in education
  • Empathetic approach to tuition

Mission statement

To provide a service where the needs of the student are paramount, whilst ensuring a professional and empathetic manner.



Where do I cover

Icon representing face to face English Tuition in Monmouthshire

Face to face tutoring

I can provide Maths and English tuition in Monmouthshire and within 50 miles of Newport. Travel expenses are included in your tutoring costs.

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Online tutoring

Over Zoom I can cater to wherever you are and I am happy to provide tuition internationally.






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